Chloe Noble
Founding Director
Office: (801) 708-9515

Define a Shine

To Shine means to be authentic.

A Shine is an event where people can express themselves without fear.

In many ways Shines are a combination of old fashioned rallies, dances, and neighborhood potlucks. The typical Shine offers the community a free dinner while they prepare hand made signs and banners. Often during this time, there are drum circles, art spaces, games spaces, and/or live music.Then everyone attends a march that leads to where the speak out will happen. At the main venue, homeless youth and their advocates speak to the community. Sometimes all of these things happen in one place.

Some Shines will not have marches. Some Shines will not have live music. It is important to remember that it only takes one person speaking out to truly be a Shine. That means that even standing on street corner with a bullhorn is a Shine. It is about you expressing who you are without fear.